Run Half marathon: you can train if YOU have never run before!

Can you run half marathon with no running experience? Well, that's how I first started. Now I am hooked to running. How?

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Believe it or not, with a single step. To run half marathon is to race to run the distance of 13.1 miles (half of the marathon distance). I ran two half marathons in my first year of running. It started innocently enough with a desire to lose a few inches. Can you do it?

Half Marathon Runners

Absolutely ...

I outline my personal experience and all other information that I learned and discovered as I embarked on my journey in the world of running and training for a half marathon.

So, how do you run a half marathon with no running experience?

I will answer this question along with some other information that you will find useful ...

Are you a beginner and not sure how to start running? Are you confused and overwhelmed with the 1000 books and all the information that is out there? Do you need a step by step plan of how to get started?

Consider Running: From Beginner to 5K; an e-book written especially for beginners to start running. This book is a must read for beginners and will answer all your questions and get you started with running.

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Carbohydrate loading or Carbo loading
Carbo loading refers to storing carbs in the body to fuel the long run - carbs are a very efficient fuel to burn.
Ecourse 5k training for beginners
Never run before and afraid to run? This Ecourse 5k training for beginners is an excellent way for a beginner to start running and run a 5k.
Ecourse Half Marathon Training for Beginners
Join the ecourse half marathon training for beginners. Step by step guide to training for a half marathon for a beginner.
Energy gel for running - how to use, ingredients and selection
Energy gels for running: What are energy gels, how to use energy gel, why do you need energy gel, how they help in endurance and more ...
FREE 5K training plan for beginners, Running Tips newsletter etc
FREE 5K training plan for beginners, Running Tips newsletter etc
Half marathon jewelry
Half marathon jewelry - What type of jewelry do you wear for a half marathon?
Half Marathon Training
Half Marathon Training for a beginner may seem to be intimidating at first, but once you get started you will discover that it is not that difficult, a lot of fun and can be done.
Hill Training - developing good leg strength
Hill training is used to develop good strength in the legs and also to build up mental strength
Hitting the wall
Hitting the wall is a point the race when all the glycogen stored in the body is used up and the body has to use fat for metabolism.
Nike half marathon - Women's half marathon in San Francisco
Nike half marathon - Women's half marathon in San Francisco
Running benefits - the joy of running
Running benefits are numerous - weight loss is the most attractive one for a lot of people
Running gear: body glide, fuel belt, watch, clothes, sunglasses, socks
Running gear required is running shoes, running socks, fuel belt, running watch, running clothes, body glide
Running injuries - shin splints, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendon
Running injuries - the most common ones are shin splints, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendon, IT band syndrome, chondromalacia
Running quotes
Running quotes, are you looking for inspiration, motivation or an excuse - to start or not to start?
Running store and Holiday running gifts
Running store: running items and gifts for any runner for Christmas, holidays or any season!
San Francisco Half Marathons
San Francisco half marathons - Most popular runs in the bay area held around the year
Sports drinks for running
Sports drinks help a runner to stay hydrated and replace lost electrolytes due to sweating
Strength training - builds muscle strength and conditions the body
Strength training or weight training for runners helps in building strength in muscles, strengthens the joints and increases endurance
Tapering is resting your body weeks before the race to build it up for peak performance.
Training runs
Training runs are used to prepare for race day - the food, the drinks, the clothes, shoes and a lot more
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Running survey is a survey to make this site more useful to answer all your running questions and help us serve you better.
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Running questions - beginners guide to running
Best answers chosen to some of the running questions in Yahoo answers!
Stretching is important before and after long runs
Stretching is beneficial when done before and after long runs. To stretch kinks in the muscle, use foam rollers.
10K training - running for beginners
If you are a beginner and have never run before, follow the following program to successfully finish a 10K training in 6-8 weeks.
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